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Polycarbonate & Glass Conservatory Roofs

Many homeowners keen to add value to their properties and maximise their living space are investing in a conservatory. A conservatory is a room consisting of a glass roof and walls, usually attached to a house on one side. It can be used to fulfil many purposes and is often used as a greenhouse, a sunroom or even a kitchen.

As well as being incredibly functional, conservatories are also wonderfully visually pleasing, serving as a stunning addition to any home. If you’ve been considering investing in a conservatory for your property, you will need to decide whether yours should have a glass or a polycarbonate roof. Let’s look at the features and benefits of the two.

House with new upvc windows and doors

A conservatory can change the whole character of a house. From the outside it can enhance the property and add individual style to the building. Inside, you’ll be getting a beautiful, light space that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

Although there are some typical conservatory styles, every one we design and build is tailor-made to your exact specification. We offer a complete, bespoke service with regards to both conservatories and orangeries to give you the perfect result.

What Can Swainstons Offer?

Here at Swainstons we have had years of experience in building new conservatories and renewing existing conservatory roofs. Whatever you’re looking to do, Swainstons can guide you through the process of transforming your home – taking away any stress. Not only do Swainstons handle the construction of your conservatory but we can also handle any legal documentation from local councils, supporting window frames/doors, plaster finishing internally and electrical spotlights. We like to give our customers the satisfaction of sitting back and letting us do the work.

Our years of experience have taught us some very important lessons about how to provide the kind of service and support that homeowners expect and deserve. For instance, we know your home is precious and that we take the responsibility you entrust on us very seriously. We’re homeowners too and can assure you, our installation team will treat you, your home and neighbours with the up-most respect. Clean and tidy – nice and neat, that’s how we like to work. We want you to be completely happy with our attitude and our workmanship and most of all we want you to recommend us to your friends and family.

We will be delighted to offer a free home survey and no obligation quote. All our work is guaranteed and our after-sales service and customer-care policy is second to none.

Polycarbonate Conservatory Roofs

The main draw of polycarbonate conservatory roofs is their price, being 3-4 times affordable than a glass roof. They are much more affordable than glass roofs and so may be a better choice if you are working on a strict budget.

Although they lack the natural insulation benefits of glass roofs, it is now possible to buy solar inserts for polycarbonate roofing, which allow homeowners to enjoy the luxury of a warm, cosy conservatory but without the expense.

Polycarbonate conservatories aren’t quite as aesthetically pleasing as glass conservatories, but this is something you would have to sacrifice for low cost and functionality.


Glass Conservatory Roofs

Glass is energy efficient, helps retain heat and will keep you warm during winter. This can help save you money on your energy bills by ensuring you have little need for energy-hungry heating appliances like electric heaters.

Another major benefit of using glass for your conservatory roof is that it is less prone to scratches and is weather resistant, which will be important during the winter months when environmental conditions can be harsh.

Guardian Warm Roofs

For many people it’s the same issue, they love their conservatory but it’s either too hot, too cold or too noisy. Most of the issues are down to one element, the roof. So by replacing the glass or polycarbonate roof with a stylish Guardian™ tiled roof you don’t just improve the appearance, you now have a fully insulated soundproofed roof that is exactly what you always wanted. Nice and airey inside substantial and impressive on the outside.

Once you’ve had your Guardian™ roof, you’ll be able to turn your conservatory into whatever you want, a family dining room or kitchen extension, a playroom, library, home study or office, games room, TV lounge, it could even be a ground floor bedroom. The insulated solid roof will make a huge difference to the acoustics and the general atmosphere of your conservatory. All of a sudden it’s a full-time living area instead of being a part-time compromise.

By removing your old conservatory and replacing it with a tiled roof you’ll completely change the appearance of the rear of your home and garden. Now, your conservatory will look just like a proper extension and by choosing tiles that match your house and then possibly adding one or more roof windows you’ll be getting all the benefits of a ground floor extension along with the convenience and style of a conservatory. It’s the perfect solution and it’s both affordable and impressive at the same time.

Our installers are all Guardian™ trained and qualified Team Guardian™ members which means your conservatory and your new roof are in very safe hands. The roof itself is tailor-made to your exact specification, then fully assembled in our factory to make sure that every component is present and correct. We then dismantle it piece by piece ready for delivery. Our first job on-site is to carefully remove your old roof before we begin the installation process. Then in a few days time, we’re all finished ready for you to move back in.

The Guardian™ roof is fully energy efficient achieving a maximum U value of 0.18 W/m2K. This enables a conservatory to be used as an extra living space all-year round. Keeping it cool in the summer and warm in winter. The Guardian™ roof is also fully approved by the LABC Local Authority Building Control and is fully Guaranteed.

Another major benefit of using glass for your conservatory roof is that it is less prone to scratches and is weather resistant, which will be important during the winter months when environmental conditions can be harsh.

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